Aldorra is a home-brew world with a bit of a gritty feel to it (but not a despairing one). It is a 5e campaign that is intended to be long-term, spanning years of game time (and hopefully real time). There is a mix of dungeon, city, and wilderness adventures; high-fantasy, horror, mystery, and intrigue. One never really know what might happen next; all one knows for sure is that the world is a dangerous place.

It has has original content as well as great ideas begged, borrowed and stolen from other people and places. (If you’re reading this, you may see some of your own material borrowed, which I hope is taken as the sincerest form of flattery!)

Aldorra is filled with stories grand and sweeping, while others are small and personal. Lots of NPCs are met and many places are seen.

The world is old, not even the very wise knowing all that has been lost to ages past. The Northlands are and always have been wild, overrun by this empire and then that horde, over and over, for millennia. The Westerlands were ruled by free cities, then empire, then a kingdom, and are now the Free Duchies. The Etrian Empire has touched all lands at one time or another, but is now much faded, lands lost to orcs, Southlanders, and revolutionaries. Sound confusing? It is. Imagine trying to divine the history of Europe by simply looking around you. Most Aldorrans are illiterate and uneducated, focused on surviving the many dangers that surround them, and have little time for history.

Heroes of Aldorra